Day Two of play underway

Today’s play got underway at around 1 PM EST.

Ozzy is still around 75K.
Roman (Empire2000) doubled up early with AA, so he’s in the 70s as well.
Premier also doubled up early with AA.
Takeover busted (yes, he started with 50K and busted).
twin-caracas busted.
asdf2000 busted.
jennicide was still in last I saw.
Johnster busted (he got Johnstered).

Here are some pictures:

Barry Greenstein with colson10 (Carl Olson) on his right.

Dustin Dirksen in the white shirt.


twin-caracas (the big guy in the white shirt)

MazeorBowie and Joe Hachem. They’re at the same table as Ozzy, Roman and Patrik Antonius.

thorladen (with his head in his hands) and gambler21. Erik Seidel is in between them, but he’s being partially blocked by the dealer. gambler21 and thorladen are in a pot together in this picture.

The thorladen and gambler21 pot again.

Jordan Berkowitz


strassa2. He’s covering his cards with his hands.

Premier just after doubling up early with AA.

JohnnyBax. Phil Ivey is in the picture with his head down.

E-WeE in the red hat. asdf2000 is to his left.

pearljam1012 in the blue hat. SKOAL with the sunglasses to his right. They were observing the big pot between thorladen and gambler21.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back later with more pics and hopefully a recap of the action during that thorladen hand.

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