Play ends for the day

Play ended for the night a few hours ago. Some reports:

Ozzy is at 74K, so he’s among the chip leaders for the tourney. He won a huge pot with the following action:

He raised to 1200 in MP with KQ, the SB made it 3000. Both stacks were about 35K, so Ozzy called. The flop came AT9. The SB check, Ozzy bet 5800, the SB called. The turn came J, giving Ozzy the nuts. The SB check-called about 10 or 11K. Then the SB check-called Ozzy’s all-in on the river.

Takeover grinded a small stack for a little while before picking up some steam. He’s at about 50K.

jennicide got up to 20K at the dinner break, but is back below 10K as of the end of play tonight.

Here are some more pictures from today:

jennicide with michael1123 on her left. Gavin Smith is also in the frame in the black/orange hat and Takeover was a few spots to Gavin’s left.

BeL0WaB0Ve in the hooded green sweatshirt

JohnnyBax finishing up his day of poker

MrSmokey1 (seated in the white hat) playing 25/50 NL. Ozzy just finished talking to him.

Here’s a better picture of JERRRY. He’s in the blue and white polo shirt.

A picture of Ozzy just before play ended for the day. You can’t see all of them, but he has about 75K chips at the time.

That’s it for today. Let me know about any requests for chip counts or pictures via the comments on the blog.

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