Ozzy doing well, online poker continues in the lobby

I’m just checking CardPlayer like all of you, but it looks like Ozzy should have a big stack going into day three. Once play ends, I’ll try to get some info from Ozzy about how his day went.

In the lobby, schaefer is about to make the final table of the Dise Masters Event 1. Here’s a pic of him playing from about 10 minutes ago.

schaefer, with a few onlookers.

Also, Patrick Antonius, aka TryHarderFish on UB, is playing some 300/600 LHE against a player named “TapeMeasure.” It’s going on live at UB right now.

Patrik is playing. Jennifer Harman is sitting to his left. E-WeE is in the red hat behind him. E-WeE’s twin brother Michael Mizrachi (aka The Grinder) is behind E-WeE.

Here are some other pics:

The neverwin battle has ended now, but he was still playing when I took this.

neverwin once again.

This is JohnnyBax on the left and MazeorBowie on the right. Obviously, both busted in the main event earlier today.

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