Some Main Event info

Ozzy had about 400K the last time I went down to the poker room. However, that was before this hand:

“5:27pm–Matt Matros has been eliminated, after flopping top two pair with AK versus Aurangzeb Sheikh who flopped bottom set with a pair of sevens.” -PokerStars Blog

Therefore, he’s probably among the chip leaders, if not the chip leader at this point.

gambler21 also has a huge stack.

Unfortunately, SamENole and Empire2000 busted while I was down there.

I grabbed a few pictures:

NUTZREALBIG of Party fame in the white hat and white hoodie.

Another shot of NUTZREALBIG and his stack.


gambler21′s stack

Empire2000 about to be eliminated.

Empire2000 accepting handshakes just after he busts.

Empire2000 walking away from the table just after busting.

WB123456789 (I think) in the Bulls jersey. pearljam1012 and Ozzy as well.

The same table from the opposite side.

Ozzy and his stack (before the hand with Matt Matros).

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