Tons of pictures

If you don’t like pictures, you should probably skip over this post.

Here are a few from a few hours ago:

stevesbets getting ready to play in the Battleship Poker event.

Daniel Negreanu getting ready for Battleship poker. CHEKdezNUTS is sitting to his right in a black tank top and Luca Pagano is in blue facing away from the camera.

iMsoLucky0 (Jordan Morgan) watching stevesbets warm up for the Battleship poker. Steve played a 1K HU against Gigabet (and lost).

Ozzy, SKOAL and pearljam1012.


Sdouble sitting behind an unidentified player.

stevesbets on the computer with his girlfriend standing nearby. Ozzy is talking to serb2127, who’s in a black tank top.

Sdouble trying to get his computer to work.

SKOAL and Rabscuttle.

iMsoLucky0, stevesbets and his girlfriend.

stevesbets’ girlfriend in the orange shirt. iMsoLucky0 is sitting down in the green shirt. Sdouble is sitting next to him. Across the table from iMsoLucky0 is mahoney3 (the brother of genetodd) and Rabscuttle is sitting next to him. Also, Dariominieri is standing in a white shirt behind the table.

theory in the hat talking to an unidentified player.

Rabscuttle and mahoney3. Also, Dariominieri is sitting behind Rabscuttle in the white shirt. -db- is sitting across from Dario. Also, Terrence Chan (aka Unassigned on Stars) is standing up in the gray/blank shirt. He used to be in charge of support at Stars, but he quit to play poker full time.

Daniel Negreanu getting ready to play.

Raptor517 (aka Bebop86 on Stars) talking to iMsoLucky0

yahtzem and stevesbets. They were originally scheduled to play each other in the first round, but PokerStars decided to redraw the tourney due to technical issues.

-db- and Unassigned (Terrence Chan) on the right.

stevesbets and yahtzem in the background. KrazyKanuck and CHEKdezNUTS in the foreground.

stevesbets getting ready to play Bebop86 in the first round. This first round actually happened, unlike the first few. Isabelle Mercier and Sdouble were playing next to Steve and Bebop.

E-WeE in the black shirt.

Daniel Negreanu and CHEKdezNUTS playing HU.

strassa2 when he was still in. He busted since I took this picture.

curzdog with his arms crossed checking out the Battleship poker championships.

Negreanu and CHEKdezNUTZ STILL going at it. They lasted the longest of the initial 16 matches.

The main event. Empire2000 in seat two. Roger in seat three. jennicide in seat four. Matt Matros (jacksup) in seat five.

SamENole in the red hat. Ozzy sitting to his right, but he’s being blocked.

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