Some drunk poker

I wasn’t there, but luckily SKOAL managed to capture some live drunk poker action. These pictures are all courtesy of SKOAL:

Sooners in the striped red shirt and BeL0WaB0Ve standing up
croth8 in the blue hat
MrSmokey1 bad beating Sooners in a big pot. Sooners flopped top pair, MrSmokey1 held K3 and hit a king on the turn to take the side pot. I think a set of 5s took the small main pot.
MrSmokey1 and his favorite hand: K3.
SKOAL, Lee Jones, 55lucky55
Sooners, BeL0WaB0Ve and moledaddy
moledaddy and BeL0WaB0Ve
BeL0WaB0Ve bluffing moledaddy out a big pot. BeL0W held 82 while moledaddy laid down JJ on a A high board.
WB123456789 and Morgase (SKOAL’s wife). I don’t know who the guy on the right is.
Barny Rubul and Sooners

The second day of Battleship poker is set to start in about 30 minutes, so I’m going to head down there with my camera and try to capture some of the action. Be sure to watch it on Stars at 1:20 PM.

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