The trip home

I’m back home in Philadelphia. The trip back wasn’t really that great…

First, I got stuck in a pretty long line to check out at Atlantis. As expected, there were about $300-$400 in extra meals on the room bill, so we had to go through them one by one to get them take off. While the Atlantis staff was friendly about taking them off, it still took awhile. I was on the same flight as Steve (stevesbets) and Bree, so we took a cab to the Nassau airport. The ride should have been about 20 minutes, but we hit a lot of traffic and it took about 50 minutes. It didn’t matter as our flight was delayed from 1:30 to 2:30.

Like just about everything else in the Bahamas, the service at the airport was awful. There was only one metal detector, so the line took about 30 minutes to get through. On a side note, Raymer was at the airport with his family and he managed to cut the security line somehow. His daughter was wheeled through in a wheelchair, but I’m pretty confident there is nothing wrong with her as I’d seen her walking with Cheryl Raymer through the resort on a few occasions during the week. While I apologize if something happened to her that caused the need for the wheelchair, I think that Raymer and his family just didn’t want to wait in the long security line. If that’s the case, putting your daughter in a wheelchair to skip the line is a pretty low move in my opinion.

After we got through the first security line, we were placed in a much more reasonable US Customs line. After about 5 minutes (a REALLY short wait for anything in the Bahamas), I got through customs and I went upstairs to another security checkpoint (No, there was no way for me to get a gun/explosive/etc in between the two checkpoints). They made me take my wallet out, but luckily they didn’t notice the large amount of cash I had in my front pockets. I wouldn’t have felt comfortable putting that through the metal detector in front of a lot of people.

Once inside the terminal, Steve, Bree and I went to get some food. After waiting in a line for 20 minutes (not joking, everything in the Bahamas takes forever), I managed to acquire an ice cream sandwich and a drink. The hot food looked terrible. We killed some time playing around on the computer, then boarded our flight to Philadelphia. Jennicide (Jennifer Leigh) and PokerGodZeus (Matt Glantz) were on the same flight, along with their families.

The flight started off great. For some reason, it was one of the emptiest flights I’d ever been on, as my whole row (all six seats) were empty except for me. The ride was smooth until we got near Philadelphia. About 75 miles south of the Philadelphia airport, the stewardess announced that there were delays in Philadelphia and that we were going to go into a holding pattern (aka, fly in circles) until we received further clearance. We first heard about this at around 4:10 PM and we were supposed to hear more at 4:30 PM. Around 4:25, we were informed that we’d actually hear more at 4:40 PM. At 4:50 PM, we were told that we wouldn’t even hear more until 5:25 PM, which caused a number of groans on the airplane. Our hopes rose a bit at 5:10 PM when we were cleared to proceed further and we finally got on the ground at 5:30 PM, about an hour late.

We’d planned on going to dinner near Univ of Penn, so we took a cab to Steve’s apt. Of course, the cab, which should take about 15 min, took about 45 min due to horrible traffic on the expressway (the main artery into downtown Philadelphia from South Philly, which is where the airport is located). Once there, we finally got to dinner and the forgettable trip back was over.

All in all, I had a great time. I got to meet a lot of people that I’d only talked to online and one of my best friends in online poker (Ozzy, obv) managed to make the WPT final table in his first live tournament. Not only that, but my other roommate (Empire2000) made it to the final three tables as well. There are obviously a lot of things wrong with the Bahamas and the Atlantis property, but the people there definitely made it a fun trip. I will go again next year if I’m free (remember, I plan on being in law school, so I may have other commitments).

Thanks to shaniac, mockturtle and TillerMaN for giving my blog a mention in their own blogs. If you also linked me in your blog, let me know at so I can give you a plug in this entry.

I do plan on continuing to post in this blog, so check back if you’re interested. I’ll also do more picture blogs at all events that I go to in the future.

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