More home game, more winning by N 82

Briefly after I wrote my last entry, Genius28 came over to the Lodge and we played a 5 handed home game with Jeff, Genius28, me, Pegleg and Aaron. Once again, it was dealer’s choice, but we made it a 1/2 no max game. Jeff and Genius bought in for 1K, I bought in for 200 (plus another 100 after I got quartered by Jeff), Aaron bought in for 100 and Pegleg bought in for 100.

Usually, I would choose some version of NL 8-card omaha (hi/lo no qualifier or hi only). Genius, Jeff and Pegleg started off choosing NLHE, but I eventually converted them all to the 8-card game. Even Aaron started playing a 4-card omaha game. The game was full of straddles and re-straddles (by Genius, Jeff and myself, not so much by Aaron and Pegleg), so we often had four blinds in a 5-handed game.

Early on, Jeff quartered me when we got all in pre, although I don’t remember the hand. I definitely had an edge preflop, but I really couldn’t tell you what the edge was. So I was down 100 early and I rebought to bring me back up to 200.

I’ll write about a few of the interesting hands, with the game type at the beginning. Also, the table, clockwise from me, was Genius, Jeff, Aaron, Pegleg. That might help you picture some of the hands in your head.

NLO h/l 8-card: I forget the preflop action, but Genius, Jeff and I get it all in pre. I made the nut club flush, but I had A245 for my low cards and I was counterfeited by a 2 on the flop, so Jeff and Genius got a quarter of the pot each with their A3s (that’s not saying suited, it’s saying there were two A3 hands). Essentially, they each gave me $50 after the hand was over, since the pot was $600 total (I was entitled to half of the pot, meaning I needed to end up with $300 somehow and since I had $200 pre, that means I needed to get $50 from each).

NLHE: UTG, Genius makes it 15, Jeff calls, Aaron pushes in on the button for about 95, blinds fold, Genius insta-calls, Jeff folds. AA for Aaron, JJ for Genius. Jeff folded Qd3d. A diamond draw flops (to Jeff’s dismay), but his folded draw missed and the AA held, so Aaron doubled through early on.

NLO h/l 8-card: Incredibly, Jeff and Genius get all-in pre with 1K each in a 1/2 game. Genius had him crushed with A2345xxx (lock up at least half of the low, and I think he had a few suits and higher connectors) whereas Jeff had AAA2333x (a pretty mediocre hand I think, even though two aces were suited). Either way, Genius quartered Jeff to win about $450 (Genius took a hit against Aaron, so he wasn’t full stacked at 1K anymore).

NLO h/l 8-card: Aaron folds UTG, Pegleg makes it 10 with 73 more behind, Genius, Jeff and I agree to put in the 83 more just to try to bust Pegleg since he was on the short-stack. He agrees to go all-in too, and I end up getting a quarter of the pot with my A3 against Pegleg’s A3 while Pegleg scoops the hi with the nut flush.

Aaron busts around this point to Jeff, but I don’t remember the hand.

NLO hi 8-card: I raise to 10 UTG with 5d6d7c7sKxKxQx9x with both kings suited. Genius and Jeff call, Pegleg folds. Flop is gin: 3d4h7d. I flopped the nut straight, a straight flush draw and top set. I bet 100 (heh, we were gambling), Genius insta-pushes, Jeff folds and I insta-call. He shows Ad2d5h6s8x and three more cards that didn’t really play. So he flopped the nut straight, the nut flush draw and he had a redraw to a higher straight. I turn the 4d, so I hit my straight flush and the suspense ended quickly. I take down the almost $600 pot. I took a pic of the board:

My relevant cards with the board, but Genius had mucked his hand. He was busy matching my stack because we got all in without actually putting chips in the pot.

I’m getting kinda tired now, but the only relevant hands after this was one where Jeff quartered Pegleg in a $300+ pot, then Jeff finally busted Pegleg in a $200 pot. Pegleg had gotten up as high as $250 from his $100 buyin.

Here are some more random pics from the home game:

Genius proudly showing down the 2nd nuts in a NLHE hand (Q high with quad AAAA on board)
Jeff trying to figure out how many cards he has dealt so far. Yes, it is hard to count to 8.
Aaron and Jeff making fun of H@££INGGOL’s STT play. He was apparently donking it up in a $555 turbo or a $1050 regular STT. Aaron was railing online after he busted and declined to rebuy.

In the end, I won about $250, Jeff lost about $200, Aaron lost $100, Pegleg lost $100 and Genius won about $150.

Also, the poker room here is absolutely packed. All the games have huge waiting lists and it’s basically impossible to get a seat. I took a few pictures, although they don’t do the crowd justice (you aren’t allowed to take pictures on the gaming floor, so I did it ninja-style).

Jeff and Aaron (partially blocked)
The poker room

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