Argh, I just misclicked and lost my full version of this blog entry. Long story short, this site Pokerbility wants to advertise with thepokerdb. I noticed something funny on the site, despite it looking very professional.

This image, which is featured prominently:

Anyone else think it’s odd that trips (Q6o on a 656 board) is listed as a full house? Or that they call it a Sklansky Group 1 hand (which I hope they got permission to use, otherwise they might have some shit coming to them)?

Oddly enough, I think I’ll pass on this particular piece of software to be represented on the site. The sales guy seems like a nice guy and I’m sure it’s not his fault, but this is kinda disgraceful.

Anyway, I wrote the following response to his initial email:

Why does it say I have a full house? … and why is it group 1?


His response:

Hi Nat,

I’ve forwarded your email to our support team. I will receive an answer from them soon and send it to you. This problem for me seems to be really strange. We had no such problems before but if the problem is calculator it will solved in the shortest possible time.

I’m sure they’ll replace the image soon, but it’s funny while it’s up there. I’ve got it saved just in case. This doesn’t bode well for their software.


Just got this reply.

Hi Nat again,

I’ve got a reply from support team now. I didn’t pay attention that you took this picture from our website. This is just a picture the graphical designer has created for the application main screen. It is not a screenshot of the real application. Therefore the statistics are wrong and the group is shown. We will take care of it and will change the picture on the site. There is nothing wrong with the software statistics.

I can appreciate that and all, but what if an online poker site had a promo graphic with two of the same card on board? Or if the pot was being shipped to the wrong hand? Shouldn’t these types of things be taken care of to be graphically accurate?

ANOTHER EDIT: They fixed the picture! Actually, this thing looks kinda useful especially for a novice. Maybe I will consider putting up an ad on thepokerdb.

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