General update

So in case I haven’t made myself clear in past blog entries, I am going to attend Emory Law School this fall. I think orientation starts around the 25th of August and I plan on getting down there around the 21st. I’m very excited to move to Atlanta and get started with this next chapter in my life. I still plan on being involved in the online poker world, but I’m going to have to pull back in a number of ways just due to the time requirements of a law student. I won’t be able to read P5s all day, mess around in 2+2 OOT or spend all day on AIM. It’s unfortunate, but it’s what I have to do if I want to be successful in law school. I still plan on running thepokerdb and I’m working on a deal that would not only make the db much more detailed, but would also lower my overall time commitment.

I am going out to Vegas for the WSOP one week from today on the 24th and I’ll be staying at the Bellagio with my good friend Ozzy Sheikh, aka Ozzy 87. I plan on spending a lot of time hanging out with people from the various “houses” around Vegas. I think schaefer, colson10, ackbleh, Bushman, Martine23 and a few others are in one house. Genius28, BeL0WaB0Ve, Empire2000, Green Plastic, ahh_snap and others are in another house. I’m sure there are more as well. I plan on getting some fun home games going, hopefully with some crazy games. After Vegas and a short family trip, I’m going to be holed up studying for the rest of the fall (and the bulk of the next three years), so I plan on having fun. I also plan on being at the P5s party (obv), so please introduce yourself if you see me there.

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