Fun times on AIM

I get these sometimes. I am psdollars in the conversation, the other guy is some random who I don’t know.

Mccouchpotato: u wanna stake a random guy in a big pokerstars tourney
psdollars: steak or stake
Mccouchpotato: both would be nice
psdollars: i would steak you
psdollars: but
psdollars: you probably live too far away to drive one over
Mccouchpotato: u dont know me
Mccouchpotato: where do u live
psdollars: cambodia
Mccouchpotato: who is on this screen name right now
Mccouchpotato: lol
Mccouchpotato: ps screen name
Mccouchpotato: i mean
psdollars: my screen name is psdollars
Mccouchpotato: u wanna stake me
psdollars: i’ve only been steaking people lately
Mccouchpotato: in a 100 dollar tourney
psdollars: are you a pro
Mccouchpotato: yea
psdollars: hrmm
psdollars: sounds like a good idea then
psdollars: what sort of steak
Mccouchpotato: a t-bone
psdollars: out of those
Mccouchpotato: medium well
psdollars: is london broil okay
Mccouchpotato: sounds good by me
psdollars: cool
psdollars: can you come pick it up in cambodia
Mccouchpotato: yea
Mccouchpotato: i live in
Mccouchpotato: dong tong
psdollars: cool
Mccouchpotato: that is in cambodia
Mccouchpotato: where do u live in there
psdollars: that’s right next door to me
Mccouchpotato: tight
Mccouchpotato: with that steak can i get 100 dollars too
psdollars: i live in downtown dong tong
psdollars: i only have pesos right now
Mccouchpotato: so i can get 109 dollars for a tournment on stars
psdollars: can’t give dollars
Mccouchpotato: k
Mccouchpotato: fine
Mccouchpotato: about 355320 pesos
psdollars: yea, can you get an account on Sombrero Pokero
psdollars: that’s where i keep my peso poker roll
Mccouchpotato: no but on a serious note
Mccouchpotato: would u be interested in staking me
psdollars: no

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