2+2 Dinner

Justin, Ozzy and I went over to the 2+2 dinner at ESPNZone around 8 PM. There’s not much to say about it except it was a lot of fun and I met/talked to a bunch of great guys/players. I took a ton of pics (pretty typical of me at this point):

On the walk over, Justin and Ozzy with the camera looking south on the strip

colson10, tyler durden (not looking all that intelligent in this pic) and durron597

colson10, tyler durden and schaefer facing away from the camera

Justin, Rizen and Ozzy

Ozzy, durron597 and tyler durden

schaefer, dmk and adanthar

uclabruinz and nath (aka Cap’nJackpot)

woodguy55 talking to colson10

grafyx (aka redeye3030), foucault, jurollo and tyler durden

Mrs. Rizen, Rizen and sirio11

schaefer double-fisting it

Yuv21 and gobboboy

mlagoo and scottjf08

ZBTHorton1 in the PokerStars jersey, mman_status in the blue-ish shirt on the right, Yuv21 to his right and chrisman to his right

Ozzy, Justin, durron587 and schaefer talking strategy… I think some main event hands were being discussed

Ozzy and MrTimCaum

Anyway, that was it for the party. We decided to go back to the house with colson, dmk and schaefer. Ozzy and Justin took Justin’s car while I got a ride with schaefer. I managed to snap this gem of a picture on the way…

On the back to the Bushman & Co. house, schaefer points out his favorite radio station of all-time: “the beat”

Also, here are a few good pics from back at the house…

schaefer and MrSmokey1 had some sort of football bet/challenge that involved one of them getting across the room before the other one could tackle him… anyway, it ended up with MrSmokey1 driving schaefer’s head into (and partially through) the wall. Needless to say, ackbleh (somehow designated the head tenant) wasn’t happy about the damage.

I know TheReader23 (Martine23′s mom) will be happy about this one… I finally got a picture of your son on the blog!

Johnster watching some TV

Now I’m back at the Bellagio about to go to sleep. Nothing important planned for tomorrow.

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