Quick Rio Visit

Ozzy and I stopped by the Rio for few minutes on Friday night during the WSOP dinner break just so we could say hello to people, wish Martine23 luck and just hang out. We had dinner with hazards21 and I also got a few pictures:

In the cab line at the Bellagio… I got a picture of the Bellagio fountain show
TheWacoKidd holding the worst $15K he’s ever cashed for… Cal is along for the pic
strassa2 looking pretty goofy as he tells Ozzy a story about some hand. He’s in great shape, I hope he can take it down (or Rizen or Martine23). Long way to go though.
Ozzy talking to Gigabet, who busted before play concluded last night.

Ozzy also met Prahlad for the first time in person, but I wasn’t fast enough to get a picture of it — Prahlad was in a rush to get back to his table after the dinner break.

We went back to the Bellagio, then went to Bushman’s house for a bit. I got some good pics/video from that, but I’m pretty tired (it’s 6:25 AM) so I’ll just make a new blog tomorrow.

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