About the Bluff Media purchase of thepokerdb

First, I’ll explain how it came about. In a simple enough post on P5s, a Bluff staffer (Chris) asked me to come into the Bluff offices to talk about nothing specific (see http://www.pocketfives.com/6781C2E8-611D-49C4-BEC0-735CF42DC136.aspx). I went in there pretty soon after and we basically just talked for awhile about a bunch of stuff — how I got started in the business, what some of our numbers were, what our plans were, stuff about Bluff, etc. We discussed the idea of a partnership of some kind a few times. I got a call a few days later and they basically informed me that they’d like to buy the site. I went back to the offices and we spent about 8 hours hammering out the backbone of the deal. From that point on we’ve been dealing with a lot of small details to make sure that the db will operate smoothly in Bluff’s hands. This announcement is a few months in the making and I’ve been excited to talk about it for awhile now.

So, in terms of where the db is headed, we have big plans. Part of the deal is that I am going to be helping Bluff as a consultant on a major design of the site. I have tons and tons of ideas that never got implemented over the last year — we will be putting them into the next version of the site. I am also going to keep helping Bluff to run it beyond the interface design.

A lot of subscribers are probably wondering what’s going to happen to the advanced db. I’m happy to say that that advanced db will remain almost fully intact — the only concession that we needed to make was a few changes on the PokerStars side — for example, players will have the ability to opt-out. While people might not be happy with all of the changes, I assure you it was the only way for us to continue with the PokerStars extended db. They were considering shutting us down and this was the only way to ensure the long-term health of the site. In other words, the advanced db of the past for PokerStars could not have continued. It simply became too big and too many people knew about it, including the whole PokerStars team. We handled their objections and we’ve got a plan for how to continue the advanced db in a way that our users will still find useful while also allowing the site to continue to collect results. The system for PokerStars is complicated, so I will make a whole different post with that info. The other sites, as far as I know, will continue in their current form in the extended db. The good news is that the whole extended db is getting a huge overhaul and it will be WAY better than anything you’ve seen from us so far.

Also, I’m sure a lot of people are wondering about the terms. As it’s a private deal, I don’t want to publicly release any numbers. I will say that it’s a part cash/part equity deal. I am now a part-owner of Bluff. I should also say that I’m very happy with the deal and I expect that Bluff is as well.

I will do my best to answer any other questions you might have.



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