Go die in a ditch NETELLER, seriously.

I tried to login just now.

An error has been encountered

Your account has been closed.

Please call NETELLER Security at 1-86-NETELLER and press 0 then option 2, or email admin@neteller.com.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Know what the good news is? I have, exactly, $0.00 in NETELLER right now. I couldn’t care less about my account being closed.

I mean, I know why it was closed. See: http://content.neteller.com/content/en/member_businessupdate.htm.

Why can’t I perform Peer-to-Peer transfers anymore?

In order to ensure that US members do not use NETELLER with the intent to gamble online, NETELLER is no longer offering its Peer-to-Peer service in the US.

Why isn’t my account certified anymore?

US member accounts have been temporarily de-certified to revoke Peer-to-Peer capabilities. These accounts should be automatically re-certified in the next 10 business days, but Peer-to-Peer transfers will no longer be available to US members.

Why has my NETELLER account been closed?

If you recently performed a Peer-to-Peer transfer, your account may have been temporarily closed. Your account should be automatically re-opened within 5 business days, but you will no longer be able to perform Peer-to-Peer transfers.

Yea, I transferred out 6 digits or so, so I guess they probably would close it. NETELLER is so goddamn dumb they probably didn’t even see the peer-to-peer thing coming. First they shut down EFTs, then they shut down the NETELLER card, then they finally close off P2P transfers. At this point, I’m just happy to having my money out less a few thousand dollars. What a fucking mess for everyone involved. I just wonder how long it’s going to take for NETELLER to send out checks.

They’re really handling it like a bunch of 8 year olds. I’d love to see them actually put up a candid description of what’s happening, what the exact roadblocks are and what sort of timeline people can expect. They haven’t done anything close to that.

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