thepokerdb update

As I’m sure a bunch of you know, we had some problems with the first release of the Bluff version of thepokerdb. The biggest issues were…

1. Incomplete/non-existent updates
2. Some emails not being sent out to users
3. “Remember me” box not working on the login system
4. Extra features (like Buddy Lists) not working at all
5. Some parts of the site were too dark
6. The search box didn’t hold your last site searched
7. The search box didn’t receive focus when the page loaded (ie, you had to click in it before searching)
8. Some of the tabs weren’t set up quite right
9. Some of the calculations weren’t being performed correctly

Those were the biggest problems. The good news is that they’ve all been fixed for the version that we’re going to release soon.

I don’t really expect the site to be perfect when we release it. It’s going to take months to iron everything out and get all of the features that we want to be on the site working correctly.

But the re-release should be a big improvement. I think there’s a good chance it will be out in the next 7-10 days.

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