the re-release of the new thepokerdb

We have an initial version of the new thepokerdb online at Bluff Magazine.

Important things to note!
1. We haven’t synchronized the two databases yet. Bluff uses a separate collection system, which means that some tournaments might be missing from there that are in the current thepokerdb and vice versa. We are aware of this and the databases will be synchronized soon.
2. If you were a thepokerdb user prior to Feb 12th, your account should work on the Bluff site. If you signed up after that point, your account will not exist on the Bluff site until we shut down registration here and transfer our user list over. That should happen in the next few days.

The bottom line is that we want you to take a look around the Bluff site. Tell us if you notice something incorrect, but PLEASE do not report missing tournaments because we are aware that the sites, individually, are not running with 100% precision — yet.

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