Back Home in Philly

I flew back home a few days ago for a few reasons…

First, my brother just graduated from high school, so I wanted to be there to see that. He’s a ridiculously bright kid and he’ll be going to Cornell this fall. I can’t seem to get him into poker, but I’ll keep trying. So congrats to Jake for graduating and good luck at college this fall!

Also, my good friend Ben is getting married in about a month, so the bachelor party is this weekend in AC. I’ve known Ben since I was 5 years old and we’ve been good friends ever since. We both went to the same elementary school, junior high and high school. The bachelor party should be great because there are a bunch of us who have known each other since we were 4 or 5 and we don’t have too many occasions these days when we’re all in the same place. I’ll be at the Borgata this weekend — say hi if you somehow recognize me.

Then on Monday I am going on a vacation with my family — sister, brother and parents. My parents love to travel and for some reason that I don’t understand at all, they actually bring us kids along. I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the world. This time we’ll be in Ireland. There’s no real reasoning behind Ireland other than that it’s on my mom’s list of places to visit and it happened to come up as a place to go this summer. So I’ll be in Ireland for a week.

After that I fly back to Las Vegas and I’ll be there for most of the rest of the series (Ben’s wedding is during the end of the Main Event so I won’t be around Vegas during that time…).

Good luck to everyone out in Vegas now!

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