Another interesting situation…

So earlier this week, Eric, Steve and I went out to eat at a steakhouse with another friend of mine who I’m not supposed to name on this blog. This friend bought a new car in April and only put a few thousand miles on it, but somehow was forced to pay for a huge repair by Volkswagen when the engine died. The day we went to the steakhouse happened to be the first day this friend had the car after about 6 weeks at the dealership. After dinner we headed back to my apt while my friend was going somewhere else. About 30 minutes later, I got a call… the car had broken down AGAIN. WTF?!?

Eric and I jumped in my car and went over to the spot where my friend broke down. It was JUST off of the I-15 exit ramp onto Spring Mountain headed west. If you’re familiar with the area, you know that’s a really busy spot. After a few minutes of standing around and calling roadside assistance, we decided to try to push. Here’s a map:


Eric and I successfully pushed the car up the street and around the corner while my friend steered the car. It was hard. While you can’t see it on the overhead view, that’s a slight incline and there’s an even sharper incline as you go around the corner.

Eventually the tow truck showed up and brought the car over to the dealership on W Sahara. The car has since died two or three more times, both times with my friend driving it. It basically breaks down once a day. Right now the car is back at the dealership supposedly being fixed. I feel like the right move at this point is a lawsuit. Each time the car dies, the power steering also dies. My friend has been caught in multiple situations where the car broke down in a very busy spot and it’s only a matter of time before a horrible accident occurs due to this lemon. VW refuses to give my friend a new car and insists on making ineffective repairs to this piece of crap (although it’s brand new and looks good, the thing is incapable of running consistently).

Please never buy a VW. My friend has been jerked around and screwed by VW over and over with regards to this car. Not only that — my friend has been stuck with rental car bills that VW is supposed to be paying for … a rental car for 6 weeks isn’t cheap! No one deserves that type of treatment. The service is truly awful, deceptive and ineffective. Tell your friends about this please — I want this situation to adversely affect VW as much as possible. I’d appreciate a link to this post if you have a good spot to put it where it will be seen by many eyes.

4 thoughts on “Another interesting situation…

  1. Nancy Martin

    Nat — With all the lemon laws on the books, I’m surprised this hasn’t been taken care of especially since the car was out of commission in excess of 30 days. This is screaming of a lemon law violation.

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  3. eric

    Same thing happend to me with a jetta, tell him to get in contact with the VW regional feild rep. this is going to be like pulling teeth but the dealer has to contact him the rep for him. he will get a new car for what he owes called a collateral swap. I ended up getting a GLI (top end) for what I owed on my jetta. it can be done, GL

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