fun drive

I’m finally back in Atlanta after a three month excursion around the country/world. And it feels good to be back. I realllllly like this city and I’m excited to spend the next year (at least) here.

The drive down was relatively uneventful. I left the Philadelphia suburbs around 10:15 AM with a carful of stuff. I didn’t have a trailer or anything. My trip looked something like this…


I stopped the first time primarily for gas and the second time because I saw a Quizno’s sign and I was freaking STARVING by then. I hit a ton of traffic just after the first stop — it seemed like it was probably just VA weekend beach traffic because the road was just crawling at like 10 mph for about 30-35 miles and I never saw construction or an accident. There were just too many cars on the road for everything to run at normal speed I guess. Kinda frustrating, but it happens. Other than that, it was a smooth trip and I got to my apt at almost exactly midnight.

After a few hours of unpacking and setting stuff up, I’m exhausted. It’s almost 3 am and it’s time to sleep.

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