thepokerdb v3.0: HH paster, tabs, filters and player linking!

So, a few hours ago, the BLUFF developers and I finished up a production-ready version of the latest incarnation of thepokerdb. While we re-did a bunch of features for our March 2007 release of v2.0, we didn’t really *add* too much. This time we added a bunch of things, all of which I think MTT posters will find to be pretty valuable.

1. Hand History Paster

You can get to the HH paster along the left navigation of thepokerdb pages.

Once you click the table lookup link, you can paste a hand history from PS, PP, FTP, AP or UB into the form. I pasted a Stars HH from the Wed. $150K Guar in the following screenshot:

Once you click lookup players, you’ll see the names appear in the gray area to the right of the form. In addition, the table will follow you around the site for the remainer of your web browser session on the left hand side.

You can paste a new history at any time or continue to use the links from the first history. We plan on increasing the functionality of this tool to allow users to paste multiple histories and store them all for the browser session on the left navigation.

2. Four new tabs, one more to come

I’m personally really excited by this functionality. The filters are pretty powerful and can really breakdown someone’s game in a way that was a pain in the ass to do before this tool was created.

First, we added a few columns on the Summary tab to give you a quick look at someone’s results across different types of tournaments.

In addition, you can click on any of the 4 sub tabs to get a better breakdown of the player’s performance in that category. We’ve modified each tab slightly to make it as relevant as possible to the tournament type. For instance, the HU tab shows 3-4th as the same placing instead of giving credit for top 3 or something that doesn’t make much sense.

Here’s where the filters come into play. You can click on the buyin/game type tab and select “HU” in the filter. This lets you see a summarized version of how the person reached the numbers you see on the HU tab.

In this case, you can see Ansky luckboxed his way to a cash in one of those high stakes 10K HU things. Lastly, if you want to see a detailed view of the aforementioned HU events, you can go to the results tab (the filter will follow you from page to page so you won’t need to select it again) and see the listing of HU events played in even greater detail.

3. Player Linking

The last main feature included in the v3.0 release is player name linking. This allows players to let us know their names on various sites (kinda like P5s) and will allow us to perform global rankings.

The accounts management page is linked in the main nav on the left:

Once on the page, you’ll probably see 6 blank boxes. You can fill in as many or as few as you’d like. The primary site isn’t really too important. Here is what it looks like once filled out:

Each name will be validated to make sure that it’s a real name that has played a tournament. In addition, names, for obvious reasons, cannot be used more than once. Once linked, when someone looks up any of the linked names, the others will appear for easy cross-site lookup:

In addition, where available, we are linking to players’ live statistics.

Anyway, that’s it! There are a few more small improvements that I haven’t listed, but you’ll find them on your own as you browse through the site. Let me know if you have comments, questions, etc.


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