From 100/200 NL on Stars…

After this hand:

Seat 2: stevesbets ($39575 in chips)
Seat 8: $tinger 88 ($27895 in chips)
p3achy_keen: posts small blind $100
stevesbets: posts big blind $200
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Danny98765: folds
MezmerizePLZ: folds
$tinger 88: raises $500 to $700
p3achy_keen: folds
stevesbets: calls $500
*** FLOP *** [Jc 3d 9s]
stevesbets: checks
$tinger 88: checks
*** TURN *** [Jc 3d 9s] [Td]
stevesbets: bets $1000
$tinger 88: calls $1000
*** RIVER *** [Jc 3d 9s Td] [7d]
stevesbets: bets $1200
$tinger 88: raises $3000 to $4200
stevesbets: calls $3000
*** SHOW DOWN ***
$tinger 88: shows [Ad Kd] (a flush, Ace high)
stevesbets: mucks hand
$tinger 88 collected $11895 from pot

$tinger 88: at cardrunners.com u learn how to fold J5 preflop!
stevesbets: at stevesbets.com u learn how to avoid getting hacked like an idiot
$tinger 88: fwiw i didnt lose a dime

(stevesbets sits out)

$tinger 88: nooooo
stevesbets: stinger, lets play 500 1k omaha 8 on ft
$tinger 88: i dont play o8
H@££INGGOL: at hallinggol.com u learn how to drink 20 shots off tequila without loosing sence off balance and throw up….!
MezmerizePLZ: lol
$tinger 88: how much are memberships?
H@££INGGOL: tab at next nightclub visit with fredrik…..
H@££INGGOL: soo not cheap….
$tinger 88: o damn
$tinger 88: not sure i can afford that :(
MezmerizePLZ: i have a website
MezmerizePLZ: teaches u how to be jessica alba

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