Documentary update

Meh, it’s going to be too hard to write up a good trip report. But we ended up coming back Sunday night and we’ve just been hanging out in Atlanta all week donking around. Eric is hard at work editing the film — we have like 12 or 13 hours of footage that he has to watch, index and cut up. He plans on having a trailer done in a week or so. I am in the process of discussing sponsorship of the film with a number of different sources, we’ll see if one works out well. Hopefully Eric will give me a small cut or something at some point since, technically, his company owns the film and the distribution rights. I’m pretty much doing this project for fun.

Since Eric flies back to Philly tomorrow, I’ll resume working on my personal projects. One is the supposedly secret one that I’ve been posting about on here for a little while. It’s pretty damn close to being ready to go, I just need to iron out a few of the remaining bugs. And when I was out in Athens, sub and I were discussing a issue that he has on a regular basis and I realized it would be pretty easy to make another website to solve the issue. It won’t make much money or be useful to many people, but it’s a cool idea and I’m excited to do some stuff for it.

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