thepokerfilm and WCOOP

So, I made a new website for thepokerfilm. It should be much better for what we’re trying to accomplish. Plus I’ll be adding things like a comment form and other stuff to the site. In addition, I made a banner spot for the CardRunners banner (and for the other ones that should be up this week).

I’ve seen a few rough cuts of full clips of TPF: Team Domeski and I think people are going to really enjoy the film. There’s a lot of entertaining stuff. I expect that we’ll release one or two clips within the next week.

Also, today is the biggest online poker tournament of the year, the WCOOP Main Event. Good luck to everyone left in it. As of this blog, some of the well-known chip leaders are NoraFlum, 10Gunman, aaaaaaaa, BigRiskky and DaMadPotter. Good luck to all of them and I hope they’re well-rested because this thing is going to go until sometime Monday afternoon.

Unfortunately, gambler2k4 will not be winning the WCOOP Main Event, as per this recent AIM chat:

(1:01:28 AM) gambler2k4: fuck the donkaments
(1:01:33 AM) gambler2k4: i busto’d 4 before the money
(1:01:41 AM) gambler2k4: flopped set of 22 on 25Q board vs KK
(1:01:56 AM) GIFAFI: did you win the hand
(1:02:18 AM) gambler2k4: fuck you

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