stone mountain

So, my parents are here visiting this week/weekend. My dad is here for a work reason and my mom came down to hang out for a few days. Since my dad was doing work stuff on Friday, my mom and I headed over to Stone Mountain, which is a 1,000 foot-high granite stone about 20 miles from downtown Atlanta. There’s also a huge sculpture in the side of the rock of some southern Civil War leaders. It’s a pretty impressive sight. Here are some pics (sorry, not going to post family pics on here):

On the ride up

Downtown Atlanta zoomed

Downtown Atlanta not as close up

Me on the top (photo credit: Mom)

Some of the life that manages to survive at the top of a barren rock

View of people walking to the edge

On the ride down

As good of a “side view” of the sculpture as I could get. You can kinda see how far they actually stick out of the rock.

Looking back up the cables

The huge relief in the side of the rock

A close up

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