random observation

So, as I typically do when I’m bored, I was browsing P5s OT tonight. I see a funny post about a guy who just walks into something in a store, etc. Pretty funny but nothing worth posting about. Anyway, later on in the thread Ballistik mentions that there is a video of a guy pooping off a Vegas strip casino (I don’t see how he connected the two videos, but that doesn’t matter). Well, that’s worth seeing, right? So I ask for a link. Here’s a link to the thread where the aforementioned discussion took place: OT thread.

I see the link posted in the thread but it requires Windows Media plugin, which I don’t want to install for many reasons. So I search for it on youtube. No luck.

Then I go to google. Which brings me to the point of this post.


I start to type out “guy pooping off of mgm” and google suggestions delivers a little nugget of gold. First, there are 2.4 million instances of results related to “guy pooping” … but a shocking 93% of those results belong to the subset category of a guy pooping on a girl! Maybe I’m the only one that finds that funny.

Anywho, back to forum-tarding.

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