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Awhile ago when I switched over to this new blog software, I made a post saying that I would link any poker blogs who also link to me. That offer still stands. Comment on this post with your blog link if you’d like to be added. On a contrary note, I am going to start looking regularly at all of the blogs that I link to. If they are basically inactive (like no posts for a month or more and like one in the last six months), then I’m going to remove them. Obviously any blog can be re-added if it becomes active again. I want good poker blog links for my readers. While I don’t have time to monitor the quality of content at all times, I can check up on quantity and whatnot.

Also, I’ve never actually sold ads on my blog. I kinda like having it be mostly ad-free except for PSDollars and some of the other projects that I’m involved in. But I am curious what I’m missing out on, so I’m going to accept two ads of 160×100 (same as the PSDollars ad on the left). Both will be displayed below the PSDollars ad on the left and I’ll run them for 30 days at a time. I have no idea what they’re worth, so email me with offers at “natarem” at First come first served if I get offers that I think are worth it. Some basic traffic stats are around 1,000 hits a day (most people just view one page, so it is a not a sticky site) and around 35,000 uniques in the last 30 days (thanks AP situation post). I usually get way less uniques than that, but I do have a fair amount of AP-related stuff to post in the near-future related to my trip to Costa Rica that I’m currently wrapping up.

Anyway, it should be interesting. If the offers are retarded and not worth it in my mind, then I’ll just scrap the plan and continue on as usual.

19 thoughts on “Links and ads and stuff

  1. Super Powers

    breeze81 asked for a link, not trying to be picky but could we have the name changed to Super Powers on the list. There is four of us posting so I’d prefer his name not be the name of the link

    here is our link

    Thanks for linking us!!

    Enjoy the blog.

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