Howard Lederer vs gobboboy: He’s a “freak” and “weird dude”

This is terrific stuff. You really can’t even pay for entertainment like this. If you’d like, you can read the post here:

Or here’s a summary.

Jimmy “gobboboy” Fricke sent an email to Full Tilt Poker about being sponsored in Aussie Millions because he got 2nd last year. It was a normal, short and well-written request. Full Tilt Poker responds with a normal response about how they don’t accept solicitations for that sort of thing and that they have a marketing group to decide that stuff, etc. Nothing special so far.

But then gobboboy noticed that there was an internal email still in the message that went undeleted by Full Tilt support! It read as follows:

From: Howard Lederer
Sent: Sat 11/3/2007 7:21 PM
To: Robert H. Wolf; Ray Bitar
Cc: Jason Newitt
Subject: RE: Aussie Millions. (KMM4237266I19928L0KM)

The guy’s a freak and a very weird dude. He is also quite young. I think we should stay away.


My new email address is My “” address will not work soon. Please update my contact info accordingly. Thanks.

That is hilarious. Not only did the guy send out Howard’s response clearly meant for four people, he also did a number of other things.

1. He publicly revealed the names of three of the most important decision-makers in the company: Howard Lederer, Bob Wolf and Ray Bitar.
2. He signed his own email (you can see it in the 2p2 post) JD, but yet revealed his own name of Jason Newitt. I’m assuming he’s Jason D. Newitt or something like that.
3. He showed that the legal arrangement between tiltware, Full Tilt Poker and whoever else is a sham — These are the guys running the site, they’re hardly a software outfit.

Considering the legal sensitivity regarding this stuff, it seems like a terrible idea to even make it possible to do that. I’m hoping for Jason’s sake that Jason Newitt is not his real name and I hope for all of their sakes that the DOJ does not care to see a poker-only gaming case go to court.

Note that I would never publicly out the names of gaming people for obvious reasons, but these guys did it to themselves.

16 thoughts on “Howard Lederer vs gobboboy: He’s a “freak” and “weird dude”

  1. M 82 51 24

    I literally check every single e-mail I write from now on that I’ve attached the right thing and that I’ve not sent any embedded e-mails that aren’t supposed to be sent. Thanks Absolute and Full Tilt!

  2. Sean a.k.a ShizzMoney

    I think Jason Newell is a software developer for Tiltware and friend of Jesus Ferguson. He also (if its the same dude) cashed in a WPT Legends of Poker PL Omaha Hi tournament earlier this year.

  3. T

    Incredible. Well it looks like Jimmy could actually blackmail his way into the Aussie Millions this year. Nice work Howard!

  4. blah

    Ray Bitar, Howard Lederer, and Bob Wolf lead the FullTilt team. Wolf, an advertising genius and former CEO of Chiat Day Advertising North America, has worked with clients like Apple, Energizer, and Nissan, but left his business to lead Tiltware’s and FullTilt’s marketing to the “Poker Promised Land.” Wolf is the man behind the Reservoir Dog look that has helped make FullTilt’s players some of the most recognized people in poker.

    While Wolf is the up-front marketing face of FullTiltPoker, Tiltware LLC CEO Bitar is more of a behind-the-scenes kind of guy. Much preferring to work in the background, this longtime online poker player left his career as an equities trader to take the helm at Tiltware.

    …and my favorite quote:

    Howard Lederer is one of the most respected poker pros/businessmen in the industry. Well thought of by the players, the gaming authorities, and television executives, he has brought irrefutable credibility to the FullTiltPoker brand, particularly when recruiting potential pros and negotiating ancillary deals on behalf of the brand.

  5. Dan M

    JD is more than an errand boy … he’s the muscle for all sorts of their marketing stuff … from non-Full Tilt websites to handing out patches and cash at final tables.

  6. still.starin

    Fricke is a totally overrated freak…just one of those inet-kids that got to the comfort witnessing a finaltable…remember his words, he wanted to be good in at least one thing in his life?…stroke that little booboo

  7. Melissa Pasadena

    Just seems alittle to sneaking…Who’s reading these emails other than the people listed. Hmmm…

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