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I am going to start taking the pages on this blog a little more seriously. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, the links in the upper right that currently say About Me and thepokerdb. I just updated the About Me page a few minutes ago with more current information. I will be updating the thepokerdb one soon. I’ll also add a bunch more. Specifically, I want to make a good photo gallery for the pictures that I’ve taken over the years.

Also, I have not forgotten my promised Absolute Poker trip report. I’ve been extremely busy on another project of mine called DonkBluff.com (which is basically done now except for a few feature additions and security shore-ups). It’s a pretty specialized idea that I developed at the request of a certain individual and I can’t see more than 50 or 100 people ever using the site even after I fully build it out. It’s simple on purpose, although once people login there are way more features than are viewable from the homepage. Anyway, it’s taken up a bunch of time this week and it’s something that I put off because of the Absolute Poker scandal, so I decided to finally get it rolling. So those trip reports are coming soon.

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