gambler2k4 returns to my blog

I don’t think I have him on AIM anymore, so I don’t have more original convos, but every once in awhile I get a pasted convo that includes gambler2k4.

Credit for this one goes to supernova9/Ansky.

(1:19:38 AM) supernova9: lollllll
(1:19:42 AM) supernova9: want to see a gem
(1:19:45 AM) supernova9: from gambler2k4?
(1:20:11 AM) GIFAFI: sure

gambler2k4 (12:15:24 AM): whose this V_RouNder fool?
gambler2k4 (12:15:42 AM): he looks like a toolbag in his photo avator
supernova9 (1:18:23 AM): yeah i dont kno
supernova9 (1:18:25 AM): he wont play me
gambler2k4 (12:17:47 AM): that’s cause he’s asian
gambler2k4 (12:17:59 AM): asians are scared of jews
gambler2k4 (12:18:15 AM): aren’t you jewish?

(1:20:57 AM) GIFAFI: wtf?
(1:21:11 AM) GIFAFI: that makes zero sense…
(1:21:16 AM) supernova9: hahahaha
(1:21:24 AM) supernova9: of course not, hes kind of a lunatic
(1:21:30 AM) GIFAFI: i mean like, it isn’t even a STEREOTYPE let alone actually true…
(1:21:37 AM) supernova9: haha i kno
(1:21:42 AM) GIFAFI: it would be one thing if he made some “jewish = stingy” joke
(1:21:51 AM) supernova9: lol
(1:21:54 AM) supernova9: im just laughing
(1:21:56 AM) GIFAFI: at least then i’d be like, “lol, sure, good one moron”
(1:21:56 AM) supernova9: i cant stop laughing
(1:22:03 AM) supernova9: cause i can just see his doofy face saying it
(1:22:03 AM) GIFAFI: i have to put this on my blog
(1:22:04 AM) supernova9: hahahaha
(1:22:07 AM) supernova9: lol

(Also, I’m not sure what’s going on with the timestamps in the convo that was pasted to me)

2 thoughts on “gambler2k4 returns to my blog

  1. Jv


    What blog is the one with the SnG crew? I saw if last week, but can’t remember which one I clicked.


    All the way from Houston, TX

  2. zaster

    ZasterGuava (Observer): MAKING FUN OF
    gambler2k4 (Observer): nat arem is gay with that other
    photographer friend of his.
    gambler2k4 (Observer): he idolizes little boys

    gambler2k4 (Observer): well i do think he has a thing for
    little poker prodigies tho.

    haha, couldn’t resist but stir things up!

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