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Okay, so, growing up, I went to a small private school for 14 years (pre-k, k, 1-12th grade). I think by graduation we had around 95 kids and that was the biggest class in the history of the school. When I started there in 1986, the class of 2000 was substantially smaller. I don’t really remember what year Doug Mand started, but I’m *pretty* sure it was relatively early on. I know he wasn’t a “high school”-only person and I’m pretty sure he started before middle school (some might call it junior high). Anyway, the point is, I met him a long time ago and we were in a small group interacting on a daily basis. And even though I don’t really consider myself to be a friend of his because we never hung out with the same crowd, I know one thing about Doug Mand: he is one funny dude. Even for the people who might not have liked him (I don’t know any, just theorizing), I don’t think anyone could possibly claim he wasn’t funny.

Also, for some reason, my class had tons of artsy people in it. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just mean they like the performing arts. Everything from music to acting to writing. I was just waiting to start to see them turning up in entertainment because it’s just inevitable that talent will usually rise to the top.

So, getting to the point of this post. My friend/former neighbor Eric Strauss of thepokerfilm fame emailed me the other day with the College Humor “Brohemian Rhapsody” (just click the link, I don’t want to clutter up this post with an embed) video and said “do you recognize anyone in this clip? think high school” — I obviously immediately watched it and saw Doug Mand staring me in the face. Pretty cool to see former classmates making a splash. Here are a few screenshots of Doug in the film:


So I’m getting ready to write this post and I decide to see what else Doug has been in. Knowing his talent for comedy, I wasn’t surprised to find a lot more. Here are a few of his projects:

1. hammerkatz – horrible website and lots of messed up stuff, but a comedy group Doug is involved with
2. Chubby Skinny Kids production – I would link to them, but they have a truly awful myspace page and I don’t want to encourage the use of that shitty website that somehow became popular. That being said, there’s a blog post about them here. It has a bunch of videos linked up and some mention of a pilot for some networks, so hopefully that does well.

My high school was really filled with some sick talent – Remember this was a small high school where everyone knew everybody! Here are just a few of them:

1. – Hakim Warrick: NBA player and former college star.
2. – I would have put his NBA player file but unfortunately it’s kinda empty. He was a McDonald’s All-American, a four-year starter at Arizona and has gotten a little interest out of the NBA. I get the feeling he’ll end up overseas, but he’s still going to be a solid pro.
3. Mike Cook. Senior Pitt guard. He’s averaging 10 points/game this season. The funny thing is, when he was in high school, everyone thought he was the next great player. No one would have picked Hakim to end up in the NBA over Mike. But things happen and now Mike will probably end up playing pro ball, but I’m not sure about his NBA chances. That being said, he’s playing for a high-profile and currently undefeated team, so anything can happen.
4. Evan Grove. Lead singer/songwriter/guitarist for The Anthem Sound. I know they aren’t famous, but they’re good. If they keep at it and get a lucky break or two, I think they have big potential. Also, Evan was in my class whereas the basketball players were all within a year or two, but not in my exact year.
5. Myself. Not to plug myself too much, but I might be behind Hakim as the 2nd most financially-successful graduate in the 2000+ time range. Tough to say considering that I don’t keep in touch with most of my high school colleagues. And not like money is all that matters, so it could also be said that I’ve done a number of things of substance in a niche community — and I have a lot more still left to contribute.
6. stevesbets. He graduated a year behind me and even though we weren’t great friends in high school, we’ve become much better friends over the last two years or so. For all of the bad things people say about him, he’s won a lot of money playing poker. He’s also a feared HU player — tons and tons of players will talk all sorts of shit about him, but when it comes to HU, they’ll sit out every time. Also, he’s just getting a good blog going, so check that out.

There are TONS of others too. I could go on naming them for a long time but I’ll stop here. And none of this would ever mention the people in Harvard Law (at least two from my class) and other great grad schools.

Suffice it to say that I’m proud of the accomplishments of my former colleagues, I can’t wait to see how everything develops.

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