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That’s according to CNN. I’ve never seen “dreary” as a weather description, but it does seem accurate.

I have a good interview with Jon “PearlJammer” Turner ready to post, but I’m waiting on his approval first. I told him that I’d let him look through it, but it’s been a few days now because he’s doing well in the Five Diamonds main event and he hasn’t had a chance to look through it.

In other news, a recent purchase of mine was a Logitech Harmony 880 remote. I saw it on Amazon for $130 and I thought I should probably finally pick one up. I’ve been hearing about how great they are for awhile now. Anyone out there have one or another sick universal remote like it? Do you do anything cool with it?

I also attempted to buy a Dell desktop with Ubuntu (Linux) on it. I think it’s great that Dell is offering a non-Windows operation system pre-installed, so I both wanted to support the initiative and check out Ubuntu for myself. The only problem? I didn’t notice that Dell had my old Las Vegas address stored in its system. I bought my most recent Windows desktop when I was out there in May. So I noticed while the order was on the way that it was being shipped to the wrong side of the country, I notified Dell, they supposedly notified Fedex, but it was delivered anyway (argh). And Dell claims DHL went out there to look for it and try to ship it to Atlanta, but DHL says they can’t locate it at the address. So either DHL is dumb or someone stole it. Luckily it was only like $430 or something and it’s deductible for me, so I’m not out too much if I can’t get ahold of it, but it’s still kinda annoying.

Anyway, I guess that’s it for now.

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