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I have to give Dell a lot of credit. They’ve been terrific in their management of my issue with my latest computer order. I made a post about it here. The basic story is that I ordered a computer, but didn’t realize until it had already shipped that it was going to my old address in Las Vegas. I got in contact with Dell before the computer was delivered and they told me that it had been redirected, but it was delivered anyway and now it can’t be located.

So the latest update is that Dell just sent me an unsolicited offer for a refund or replacement.

Hello Nat,

Thank you for your email.

Since you have not received the computer order, I can offer you a replacement or a refund for the order. Please confirm if you wish to receive a replacement order or a refund of this order.
If you wish to receive a replacement, please confirm the complete shipping address, where you would like to receive the replacement order. A reply/confirmation within 24 hours is appreciated.

Your case number for this interaction is [snip]. Please retain this case number on file. Please reply to this email, without changing the subject line.

Dell employee name snipped
Case Manager (Central Resolution Group)

Keep in mind that I hadn’t even asked for a refund or replacement yet. I was planning on doing so, but to this point all of my communication has been about trying to locate the machine itself. It’s a testament to customer service at Dell that they take a pro-active stance on making offers like this. It may be because I’m a long-time customer with a long history of high-end orders, but still, it gives me a lot of confidence in Dell and I’ll probably go back there for a long time to come because of things like this.

All that being said, I’ll probably get a MacBook Pro with Windows for my next laptop. :)

One thought on “Dell Computer Issue

  1. JB MARC

    I wish Dell or somebody else would start a blog dealing with computer issues, let’s say how to reset the audio setting to 16 b and other issues – why is it so complicated for Dell to provide a minimum of customer service information – uh, they don’t make any money on it! I get it.

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