First time I’d ever seen this

I was playing pool last night with some friends of mine at a place called Twain’s in Decatur, GA and this happened, which I hadn’t seen before:


This is an iPhone pic so it’s a little hard to see, but the balls are basically pinned against each other. The 14 isn’t even really on the table, it’s basically hanging over the pocket. And it got stuck there after a shot.

I’ve been getting really into pool lately and I *wish* my apartment had a spot big enough for a pool table. It’s frustrating because there’s a bunch of extra room in my apartment that I don’t use, but none of the empty spots could fit a pool table. My next apartment/house will have a pool table for sure.

On a sidenote, I ran into foshio at Twain’s. He hasn’t been playing as much lately, but he’s ready to win the PCA. I’ll be down there, although I’m not going to play the tourney. Which readers out there are going? And if I don’t know to say hi to you, be sure to say hi to me if you recognize me and see me walking around.

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