thepokerdb SEO update

This has really gone better than I could have ever hoped for. Literally every day when I check google analytics, thepokerdb‘s search traffic (well, actually BLUFF) has gone up. And we haven’t even done some of the most important things! We know that we have a really long way to go with it and that large portions of our site are still set up in a retarded manner for search purposes, but it’s really encouraging to see our work paying off.

Here’s our last month or so of visits from search engines:


By mid-spring, we could be looking at a website with 2x to 3x the amount of traffic pre-SEO. For a website that was already getting significant five figure unique IPs every day, that’s HUGE.

I guess I’ll keep updating this blog on this issue, good or bad.

Also, on a sidenote, a bunch of people have gotten in touch with me about possible SEO consulting work after the last post. In theory, I’m willing to consider any proposal, but as a general rule I’m pretty busy on my own projects and I don’t have time to devote weeks of work to optimizing a large website (such as another one like BLUFF’s). I’m happy to consider any offer to help with smaller websites or if it’s just to spend a day or two talking through things with a developer.

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