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Happy new year

I hope everyone has a fun New Year’s Eve and a happy conclusion to your holiday season. For those of you headed to the Bahamas, I’ll see you in a few days.

Also, good luck to UGA in their Jan 1st bowl game against Hawaii.

Full Tilt, Borgata, craps and more

Last night was interesting.

First, I can’t say the name of the person who I’m writing about for various reasons, so we’re going to call him Sean.

Anyway, I am friends with Sean from way back when and we’ve become better friends over the last few years. Since I live in Atlanta and Sean lives in Philadelphia, we don’t hang out too often and we hadn’t hung out at all over the holidays yet, so last night I headed down to his apartment. He was playing on Full Tilt and his friend John (also a changed name) was hanging out too. So I think Sean had maybe $30K in FTP at the time when I got there. He played for an hour or two while we watched the Cleveland v Dallas game (which Sean won a $500 bet on), then we went to get some food. By the time we left to get food, Sean had his FTP balance up to $50K, which isn’t out of the ordinary at all for him.

So after food at this place called “Irish Pub” in Philly, all three of us went back to the apartment and watched the Boston v Seattle game for a bit. John headed out a few minutes later, but not before Sean had run his FTP account up another $35K to $85K. At that point I moved to sit by the computer and watch Sean play for a few minutes. After I moved, it was like his account balance was just on an increasing counter of some kind. He went up by a decent-sized pot pretty much every minute or two for the next 20 minutes. Before I knew it, he was at $180K or so.

So to recap, he’d gone from $30K (and $8K before I’d gotten there) to $180K in a few hours, with a food break in between. Pretty nuts.

After losing a little back and making some transfer to other people, Sean decided it was time to head to AC. So at like 1 or 2 AM, we headed down to AC and Sean had $26K in Borgata chips with him. We weren’t even thinking about playing poker, he just wanted to play some craps. While he has dabbled in craps, this was his biggest craps attempt ever.

We got to AC and headed straight to the craps pit. Sean started with $200 on the pass line, backed up with $1K and $600 on three numbers. The first roll went okay even though the guy who was rolling didn’t hit a point. I think that was the only time that Sean was up. He seven-outed a few rolls instantly, won a few on the don’t, kinda fluctuated for awhile in the 13k-18k area. Then he started making some big don’t bets for close to five figures, bounced around for a bit, got basically back to even at one point and basically busted the craps money after like 20 minutes.

Then something weird happened. The size of the gamble had attracted a little attention so there were some random lurkers at the table who were just watching. After Sean busted down to like $400 (too little for a craps roll obv), we initially went and stood in the line at the cage which is like, right across from the craps pit. One of the lurkers had started gambling small at the craps table, but he got up in the middle of the roll and semi-followed us to the cage. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that he had left the table and was lurking like 15 feet behind us. Then Sean realized that cashing out $400 was dumb and that it made way more sense to go put it on a number on the roulette table, so we went over to the roulette area and the guy followed us again!! I was a little worried that he was going to follow us to the parking lot and try to rob us. I suppose he didn’t really realize that Sean had just dropped $26K at craps and didn’t have more money, but maybe he thought one of us might. Or maybe he noticed that I was wearing an expensive watch, who knows. Either way, we foiled his plan by going to the Met (a diner-like place at the Borgata) before leaving the casino. I didn’t see him follow us from the roulette area, but I made sure to stare at him to let him know that we noticed him following us around the casino. And make no mistake, he WAS following us. He wasn’t doing anything that could even possibly be anything else — plus I saw him watching us while trying to not be obvious (he was anyway).

So we left the Borgata and headed back to Philly at like 5 AM or so. On the whole, a good day for Sean and an entertaining day for me.

GB2005 owns

A few months ago Gary “GB2005″ Bogdanski mentioned to me that he could hook me up with a sweet night at the Nets if I was going to be in the area at all (he’s their equipment manager). I knew I’d be home in the northeast over the holidays, so I looked at a calendar and picked out the December 26th DET @ NJN game. I also got to bring three of my friends.

So, obviously, last night was the game. It was awesome. First, we got sickkkk third row seats. Second, we got free food/soda/beer basically all night. Third, after waiting for the players to clear out, we got a locker room tour. So, officially, I declare GB2005 to have the hookup.

Here are some pics from the night. I also have some good video that I’ll put up on youtube or wherever sometime soon.


Dave, Me, Raph: With our extensive set of various passes and whatnot


Yes, that’s GB2005 in the middle of the pic talking to Richard Jefferson. Probably something about how to play AK when you miss the flop.


GB2005 is to the left of the really tall dude (he’s an injured Euro player). He’s doing some sort of dance.


Raph, Me, Dave, Eric. Please excuse Eric’s immature sense of humor. BTW, you may know of him as the guy who shot/edited thepokerfilm. Thanks to Mr Usher Guy for taking the pic.


This is me looking grumpy for some reason in the Nets locker room.


Eric, GB and Raph after the game hanging out in the Nets locker room. That was pretty cool just talking about the personalities on the team, etc.


This is the visitor’s locker room. LOL. BWAHAHAHAHA. Poor visitors. It was literally worse than a lot of high school visitor locker rooms that I was in years ago.


GB2005 and I out at an Irish pub place after the game.

That’s it for now. I might put up some more pics and description stuff tomorrow. I’ll definitely do the videos soon. But now it’s 4:45 AM and time for me to pass out.

Thanks again Gary, that was awesome.

Sportscenter Tilt

Bear in mind that I watch Sportscenter daily, I have done so for a long-time and I love the show. It’s on in the background all day. But… there’s a problem with Sportscenter that bugs me like crazy. What’s that?

The absolutely RETARDED video game matchups that they put on there.

I was watching a day or two ago and Linda Cohn was literally doing highlight calling of a “game” between the ’72 Dolphins and the ’07 Pats. Like, Randy Moss caught a touchdown pass and she was like “and Randy Moss scores!”.

I pretty much sat there in disbelief at what I was watching. I mean, they seriously don’t have anything better to do than run out fake games between teams 35 years apart? I am not a huge fan of actually playing video games, but I do recognize that they’re fun to play. It can be fun to play either against the computer or against a person (in person or on some online platform like xbox live). But a computer against a computer? Are they serious? What the hell, I don’t get it at all. I literally felt dumber for having even seen that (although I have seen it before I usually just ignore the boring parts of Sportscenter such as hockey and nascar). I hope they realize the error of their ways and stop featuring segments for idiots.

Anyway, that’s my rant of the day.

thepokerdb SEO update

This has really gone better than I could have ever hoped for. Literally every day when I check google analytics, thepokerdb‘s search traffic (well, actually BLUFF) has gone up. And we haven’t even done some of the most important things! We know that we have a really long way to go with it and that large portions of our site are still set up in a retarded manner for search purposes, but it’s really encouraging to see our work paying off.

Here’s our last month or so of visits from search engines:


By mid-spring, we could be looking at a website with 2x to 3x the amount of traffic pre-SEO. For a website that was already getting significant five figure unique IPs every day, that’s HUGE.

I guess I’ll keep updating this blog on this issue, good or bad.

Also, on a sidenote, a bunch of people have gotten in touch with me about possible SEO consulting work after the last post. In theory, I’m willing to consider any proposal, but as a general rule I’m pretty busy on my own projects and I don’t have time to devote weeks of work to optimizing a large website (such as another one like BLUFF’s). I’m happy to consider any offer to help with smaller websites or if it’s just to spend a day or two talking through things with a developer.

Sorry about the downtime today

I’m really getting upset at my hosting provider. I’ve been using the same dedicated server host since the spring of 2006 when I initially went there to host But I asked them to do something REALLY simple last week and they’ve screwed it up like 8 times since then. First they make the change to the wrong server, then they fix the change but break something else, then they fix what they broke and they cause another problem, etc, etc.

Basically, the server has been “up” the entire time but they keep breaking the ability of the public to access it. When I get on the Virtual Private Network (VPN) I’ve been able to get on the server the whole time — which makes everything really frustrating because it means the problem is just some dumb configuration change that I don’t know how to fix AND they don’t know how to fix.

Needless to say, I’m in the process of looking into other webhost providers. I’ll look into any dedicated server hosting recommendations.

Anyway, I hate the stress of web host difficulty. It really hard for me to deal with the helplessness feeling and right now I think I need a drink.