Another thing that made me laugh

So I was told about an angle shoot in the Sunday Second Chance on Stars today.

Apparently the player “wijken” agreed to sit out and wait for support, then sat back in three-handed and stole blinds until ForRealDD and Fjusse sat back in. They then went through a chop discussion with unfair chip stacks, and, for obvious reasons, they were unable to come to a deal.

Then, unfortunately, ForRealDD (got cheated out of like half of his stack) busted and the following chat occurred:

Fjusse: seat out?
wijken: no
wijken: dont trust it
Fjusse: ok
Fjusse: just wait then for him
Fjusse: lets take the time
wijken: ****
wijken: pokermanager

Yup, they started *yelling* in the chat box for support. Like that would help.

People are smart…

2 thoughts on “Another thing that made me laugh

  1. wandigo

    Also was railing and rooting on ForReal. wijken did this TWICE after they agreed to sit out. he made it seem as though he thought people were stealing his blinds when he had to fold his sb or something? i’m not really sure what he was thinking.

    wijken: It was weird before
    wijken: I really think the sitout button dosent work here
    wijken: Why did u suggest that?
    Fjusse: it worked for me
    wijken: It didnt for me

  2. Haley

    Actually, on Prima you used to be able to type in ‘POKERMGR’ or somesuch and one usually showed up. I’m in a ‘banned’ state so I don’t know if it still works that way. If so, they must have a text-reader engine that checks for it.

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