Costa Rica update

Lots of people have been asking me on AIM/MSN/Google Talk/Yahoo!/etc about how Costa Rica is going… the answer is pretty well. Some things are good, some things are coming along kinda slowly, but on the net of things I’d say that this has been a great trip. There are a ton of exciting opportunities for me here and I’m strongly considering buying a place here and moving here on a 90%+ basis for at least a few years. Granted there are a number of hurdles to be cleared before I do that, but I think there’s at least a 50% chance that I will end up being here for a significant percentage of time.

I would love to discuss all of my ideas for things to do in the poker world, but I just don’t really think it’s the smart thing for me to do. My blog is just too public and someone with bad intentions will see it and rip off my ideas. That really ruins it for all of us because I’d love to bounce a lot of this stuff off of the blog readership and see what people do/don’t like. I’m basically relying on my gut feelings for what people will and won’t want to use. Hopefully I’m right. :)

That being said, I’m kind of tired of the lack of content on this blog. I want to write more meaningful posts about things that I feel like people would either learn something from, be entertained by or find some other value in. I’m thinking I might write a few articles on my general theories for how to come up with ideas for businesses, particularly in the online poker industry.

Lastly, I’m in this Pacific beach area of Costa Rica called Manuel Antonio right now. It’s got one of the best views I’ve ever seen off of this balcony. I brought my camera, but forgot my memory card! It’s tilting me right now that I won’t be able to get pictures of this place for the readers. It’s really incredible. Maybe I’ll figure out some solution for taking pictures out here, even if it involves a disposable camera and scanning them in later.

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