Paradise Poker Followup

They appear to be more retarded than I originally thought. So I got mixed comments on the last post. Some people say it works fine for them, some people told me that it didn’t work for them either. Whatever it is, I’m sure it affects a % of the people trying to visit their site.

So I decide to remotely login to one of my computers in Atlanta and the Paradise Poker site does work in FF3 from there. I’m in the process of testing out a lot of different sites, so I go to sign up for an account. What do I find? FF3 seems to think that their security certificate expired over two months ago.

Do they have ANY idea what they’re doing? This must absolutely crush their conversions. It’s hard enough to get people to their website and interested in signing up — turning them away at this point is like burning money.

The cluelessness of some people in this industry boggles my mind. (but I’m continually amazed by the smart people — I guess that’s standard in most industries).

One thought on “Paradise Poker Followup

  1. ispiked

    You get the same error in IE7, FWIW, although it’s slight easier to continue on to the webpage (1 click vs. the 8 or so that it takes in Firefox 3).

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