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Okay, I’m officially looking for web developers now. Here are a few bullet points:

  • At least one who is competent in ASP.NET and one who is competent in PHP. So I’m looking for two people total, but cross-over skills are great too.
  • I really need people who are willing to work in Costa Rica at least part of the time.
  • Someone who is willing to live in Costa Rica full-time is way more preferable.
  • The developer cannot work completely remotely from the States or elsewhere — it’s just too hard to get things across that way.

If you’re a poker player and a developer, then this could in theory be a dream job because most of the sites are poker-related and it’s probably subject material you’re very interested in.

If you’re interested or you know someone, please contact me at natarem on the domain I have to separate it because of spam.

I’ll discuss all details of the job with each candidate who might be interested.


5 thoughts on “Developers

  1. Nick Julia

    I am interested in this, but have one problem.

    I live in Phoenix, az and can’t move to Coasta Rica.

    I am a strong developer with references.

    Also, I own and would like to discuss an idea with you.


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