Costa Rica, you amuse me

I noticed this scene today and took a picture on my camera phone — sorry for the low quality.

But basically, this guy was 20 feet up in the air on a ladder right next to an extremely busy street in downtown EscazĂș. What happens if the ladder slips or falls and a car is going by? He was leaning all over the place handling presumably live electrical wires in an all-out downpour. I know the rain doesn’t show up so well on this picture, but you can see how much water there was in the street because of the splash being generated by the car on the road.

I can’t even imagine how crazy you have to be to do a job like this regularly. There are like 10 ways for this guy to die or get badly injured from the position he was in at the top of the ladder. Totally and utterly loco imo.

6 thoughts on “Costa Rica, you amuse me

  1. macleod51

    obv brag…you had just come out of the Ferrari and Maserati stores, hadn’t you?

    well hidden imo

  2. Nat Post author


    Yes, I was shopping for a Ferrari.* I pick it up next week.


    * 1:24 scale plastic Ferrari

  3. LadyPokerWriter

    it’s entertaining to find people who are still willing to be ‘daring’ at a job that no longer requires it… well w/ the right equipment. — eh,

    you’ve got a great blog!

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