Relaxing weekend and fun in the office

I wrapped up work last Thursday pretty tired.  I had a guest in town, so I was doing a lot related to that, plus I was trying to get my normal work done in addition to going to the gym and doing everyday stuff.  Needless to say, I was looking forward to the long weekend.  You’re probably wondering… what long weekend?  Well, loyal blog readers, Mother’s Day in Costa Rica falls on August 15th every year.  As I learned last week, it is also cause for a day off in Costa Rica.  Pretty awesome if you ask me.

So anyway, I celebrated Mother’s Day by sleeping until like 1 PM or something, going out to the pool, falling asleep in a chair, getting sun-burnt (just a little, nothing too bad) and then sitting in front of the TV for like 6 hours watching Rome and various Olympics stuff.  That is an awesome day.

Speaking of the Olympics, as I stated earlier, I was looking forward to the Olympics.  Thus far, they haven’t disappointed.  Michael Phelps is, obviously, incredible.  He got incredibly lucky in that 4x100m freestyle relay where Jason Lezak overtook Alain Bernard (most incredible 50 meter swim I can ever recall seeing) and then BARELY getting the touch in the butterfly event over Cavic.  Really really lucky to pull those two out, but still, really incredible to get all of those gold medals.

As many people have pointed out, comparing Olympians by the number of medals is pretty silly.  Until the event levels are brought into line, you can’t compare raw numbers of Olympic medals.  There’s a reason why Spitz and Phelps came from the same sport — swimming is medals-happy.  I don’t fault Phelps in the least, but you can’t call him the greatest Olympian ever because he has so many gold medals.  Maybe he is, but that is NOT a fair measuring stick at all.

Along a similar thought process, I would actually say that Usain Bolt is the most dominant Olympian in 2008 thus far.  His dominance throughout the 100m heats, semi final and final was the most ludicrous piece of pwnage I have ever witnessed in Olympic sprinting.  And I have followed Olympic sprinting since the 1992 Barcelona games.  I haven’t seen as much from Carl Lewis, Jesse Owens and some of the pre-1992 greats as I would like, but I’ve seen a lot of sprinting over the last 16 years.  Anyone from Michael Johnson to Maurice Greene to whoever else.  Usain Bolt takes the cake.  The guy didn’t even TRY and he STILL crushed a field consisting of the fastest men in the world!  How in the world can someone be an average starter, not have his shoe tied, start looking around with 15 meters until the finish and STILL run 9.69 without a tailwind???!?!!  ARE YOU SERIOUS?  That’s more ridiculous than I can possibly ever hope to describe.  With a 1.9m/s tailwind, a fast track, thin air, 100% focus and true desire to set a ridiculous world record, Usain Bolt could easily run in the 9.5s in my opinion.  Who knows how long that would stand for.  Obviously not forever, but it could easily be a record that would last for my lifetime.  Simply incredible.

Anyway, with the exception of some shopping at Hiper Mas (the Costa Rican Wal-Mart) and going to the gym, I did pretty much nothing all weekend.  I felt very well-rested heading into the week.  After spending a few hours working at the office, picking up Adam at the airport around 2 PM and a quick lunch, I headed into the office.  Shortly thereafter, lightening hit the transformer which is right outside my office.  Scared the crap out of me and also knocked out the power in the office.  So much for a productive day in the office… I was home at 4 PM.  I’m hoping we have power tomorrow.

By the way, more SEO reviews are on the way for this week.  Post site suggestions if there are any you’d like to see me tackle after this next round I am going to put up.  I’m happy to take on sites outside of poker too.

2 thoughts on “Relaxing weekend and fun in the office

  1. Andrew

    Well, some records have to last forever – we’ll never get to the point that someone can run the 100m in 0.00 seconds.

    I really don’t know what to think of the 100m though, half the champions in the last ten years have been caught for drug use. One thing Bolt and Phelps have in common if they’re clean though: they must really piss off their drug-using opponents who STILL can’t beat them

  2. Nat Post author

    Yea, that’s a good point. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if the Jamaicans are on something. They owned both of the 100m races with a little too much ease.

    That being said, if Bolt is clean, he’s simply incredible.

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