Couple of Things

There’s no over-arching theme to this blog post, so I’ll just do it list-style…

  1. I watched some of this program called “Lost Land of the Jaguar” — it’s a three-part (I think) series done by the BBC about rainforests and stuff in Guyana/Venezuela.  Most of the program was the typical stuff where some naturalists go bananas over a certain type of rare insect while the audience yawns, but there was some incredible footage of one of the hosts doing a multi-day climb up an enormous cliff face.  I know that I’ve seen Port-a-Ledges before, but for some reason it really hit me this time.  These guys were sleeping hundreds or thousands of feet above absolutely nothing while being held up by a bunch of pins hammered into an unstable rock face.  I mean, seriously, wtf.  I am not really afraid of heights.  I love going on rollercoasters, going rapelling doesn’t make me nervous at all, I’ve gone on ziplines hundreds of feet above the ground below, etc.  But I would be absolutely shitting myself if I had to do what those guys did in that TV show.  Incredibly scary and difficult.
  2. Why are people, in general, so goddamn annoying about what other people are drinking?  It seems like, across all cultures, people think that drinking is the greatest thing known to man and that everyone should be drinking on a near-constant basis.  I guess I should let it be known that I am not really a huge fan of drinking because I don’t think alcohol tastes good, but I do drink sometimes and I get drunk on occasion.  Maybe like 10 times a year, max.  I can appreciate the fun involved in getting drunk and acting like an idiot, but I can’t stand when other people insist that someone else be drinking.  People here in Costa Rica are actually way less worse about it than people back in the States, but it seems like everyone always has to be asking what other people are drinking and it’s like a constant focus to shovel as much alcohol into oneself at all times.  Why don’t people ask other people what they’re eating?  Or what they’re wearing?  Or what they’re driving?  Or what they’ve been watching on TV?  Or how they’ve been doing in their fantasy league?  I mean, sure, people do ask those questions — but rarely.  I guess only girls ask about what people are wearing and only poker players ask about what people are driving, but you get the idea.  On the other hand, it seems routine for people who I barely know to walk up to me at a bar, ask me what I’m drinking, have me respond and then they lift their glass and walk away.  Or give a horrified look if I’m drinking water or soda.  Whatever, I just don’t get it.
  3. I’m going to UFC 88 this coming weekend.  I’m pretty goddamn pumped up, even though there isn’t a title fight.  I’ll be taking pictures/videos and whatnot to be posted on my blog.

3 thoughts on “Couple of Things

  1. Nat Post author

    I will be sure to check out Mad Men when I get back to Costa Rica.

    And I am drinking Diet Root Beer right now… It’s 1 AM, so I need something caffeine free.

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