UFC 88 (wheeee)

I’m starting to get really excited for this weekend.  First, tomorrow night is the FIGHT! Magazine party.  I’m not sure if my blog readers are aware, but FIGHT! is a property of BLUFF Media which I own a small piece of.  Whatever you think of BLUFF, you have to commend them for growing FIGHT! mag so fast and so well.  I know that I am still a n00b compared to some MMA fans out there, but I happen to think that FIGHT! is a really good magazine and I’m doing my best to not be biased at all.  Anyway, they’re having a party in Atlanta tomorrow night and a bunch of people should be there, so it will be fun.

Also, of course, the actual UFC event is Saturday night.  I just got my ticket:

Thanks to FIGHT! for that. :)

In terms of the fights, there aren’t really any ones that I think will be amazing fights.  I think it’s Liddell over Evans, Franklin over Hamill, Henderson over Palhares, etc.  I don’t really know much about Yoshida, but I have seen Parisyan many times and I really like his style, so I guess I’ll say he’ll win too.

And actually, I think Evans over Liddell is the most likely upset.  I’ve never really been a huge fan of Liddell’s style.  But he’ll probably win anyway, so I can’t reasonably pick Evans.

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