UFC 88: Initial Trip Report

Great event, I really enjoyed it. It’s 3:30 AM and I’m pretty tired, but here are some of the good pics that I got. Keep in mind that I was in a private box rented out by FIGHT! Magazine, so we were kind of far away compared to other seats. Of course, the seats were great, but it was not ideal picture-taking.

This is me (should be obv by now if you read this blog):

Kurt Pellegrino launching into Thiago Tavares:

Tavares caught in a Pellegrino armbar. He tapped out to this armbar, but he got away before Yves Lavigne could stop the fight and it just continued. Pellegrino said later that while Tavares definitely tapped out, he didn’t let go because of the tap. The reason Tavares got away was a legit escape from the armbar.

Joe Rogan interviewing Randy Couture about his return to the UFC and his fight with Brock Lesnar. I obv just took a shot of the big screen since I couldn’t find them in the crowd.

Mike Goldberg, Joe Rogan and the UFC setup for ringside broadcasting.

This is just a general shot of Phillips Arena set up for the UFC. Pretty sick amount of people there…

This is me with Kurt Pellegrino (see pics above) and Jeff Markley (VP at BLUFF). Pellegrino came up to our box and hung out for the rest of the night. He didn’t seem beat up too bad for a three round fight. Seems like a nice guy too.

Dan Henderson getting his hand raised. It was hard to get good pics of the fight.

Matt Hamill entering the octagon.

Rich “Ace” Franklin. Urijah Faber (145 lb world champ) and Miguel Torres (135 lb world champ) on the left of the shot. Faber in the white hat and Torres next to him in the green shirt.

Matt Hamill and Rich Franklin going at it.

Rich Franklin launching a kick.

Rich Franklin delivering a MEAN knee to the stomach of Matt Hamill.

This is a really cool looking panorama that I took. I can’t make it bigger because of width issues on my blog, but it’s pretty sick in full resolution.

Chuck getting ready to fight (and get himself knocked out COLD)

Liddell and Evans going at it.

Dana White ringside during the main event talking to the Fertittas (majority owners of the UFC). Forrest Griffin and Rampage Jackson are sitting in the row behind him. Sorry it’s a little blurry, this one was hard to get from far away.

Okay, now I’m really tired. I’m going to pass out now, more pictures will be coming this week.

PS – I won all four bets I made on the fights tonight. Sweet.

3 thoughts on “UFC 88: Initial Trip Report

  1. John Holloway

    Sick evening indeed. That’s Big Boi from Outkast in the purple hat in the last pic you posted.

    Great pics, how about that knock out? I thought Liddell was dead.

  2. Nat Post author

    Nice, I didn’t recognize him under the hat and glasses.

    And yes, that knockout was indeed sick. I was wondering whether Liddell would go out on a stretcher because it took so long for him to get up. And he got caught with the perfect punch… Evans had a ton on that one.

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