Typical Costa Rica Travelers

I’m sitting here at the airport gate here in Atlanta. I’m about to fly back to Costa Rica and I’ve basically realized there are only a few types of people who go to Costa Rica.

1. Packs of 19 year old American girls
2. Shady-looking middle age males who are probably involved in sportsbooks
3. Über granola outdoorsy types. As I type I can see two guys who are dressed in outfits clearly bought, in entirety, at REI. They’re also eating trail mix and, obviously, traveling with backpacks.
4. Every flight there are a couple token people actually from Costa Rica. Not too many though.

That’s pretty much it.

6 thoughts on “Typical Costa Rica Travelers

  1. gadzooks64

    I thought for sure you were going to say the shady-looking middle age males were looking for 19 year-old girls.

    Over under on the granola types being teh geigh?

  2. Nat Post author

    That’s possible. There are definitely guys who travel down to CR just for the cheap hookers.

    I’d set the over under at like 4… maybe 5.

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