stevesbets wins!!!!!

For not having won a single dollar, I’m really excited. My good friend stevesbets won the $25,000 WCOOP 19 Heads Up No Limit event. As many blog readers know, I’ve known Steve for a very long time. Myself, Steve and my friend Eric Strauss (the videographer/editor of thepokerfilm) all went to middle school and high school together, although Eric and I were a year ahead of Steve. We all knew each other, but neither one of us was good friends with Steve until after we graduated. In the early part of 2005, I reconnected with Steve after I figured out the guy playing as stevesbets on Stars was someone I knew from high school. We’ve been pretty good friends ever since. He’s had ups and downs since I’ve known him (to say the least), so it’s great to see a huge cash like this.

Here’s a screen capture of the lobby:

stevesbets wcoop lobby win

Also, courtesy of Eric who was there with Steve while he was playing the event today, here is a picture of Steve in the final match against ElkY:

stevesbets playing wcoop

Once again, congrats on a huge, tough and well-earned win.

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