Pushup Propbet

I agreed a few hours ago to a pretty basic pushup propbet.  It isn’t anything incredibly difficult, but it certainly isn’t easy either.  The terms are simple:

60 pushups using “Perfect Pushup” handles in 100 seconds.  The pushups have to be full pushups and can’t be super-quick half pushups.  I cannot get out of the pushup position at any time, so I cannot take a break on my knees or whatever.

I made the bet with stevesbets and I won’t say the amount on here, but it isn’t anything huge.  It’s mainly about pride and bragging rights.  I also know that it isn’t a ground-breaking fitness goal.  Like I said, it isn’t the hardest thing to do, but it isn’t easy either.  It actually sounds a lot easier than it is because of the large range-of-motion that the Perfect Pushups provide.  Doing regular pushups is significantly easier.  Anyone who says it’s easy:  you’re in good shape, congratulations.

As a baseline, I just tried now to see what I could do in 100 seconds.  I did 43 and was struggling to do my 44th.

I have until Christmas to get this done (I know, it’s very doable, I will do it).  But I definitely have some work cut out for me.  I’ll keep posting updates on here as I do more 100 second tests.

6 thoughts on “Pushup Propbet

  1. Chris

    As someone who has used the perfect pushup regularly in the past, I would love to see you do this – it’s kind of ridiculous actually – good luck to you!

  2. Chris

    Hey Nat man Im a frequent reader of your blog and do personal training along with poker. I can help you out with the pushup things.. To become stronger in the muscles you need to do push-ups you don’t necessarily have to do push-ups. Theres actually much more efficient ways. Pop me an email and we can get you an at home program even.

  3. Faybio

    Great bet. If you train properly, Nat, you will win this bet well before Xmas. The key will be how you train. Science is your friend here, Nat, so make sure that you do your research as to how to train in order to get escalating results.

  4. Dkay

    This should be no problem, the one thing that helped me back in basic training was just doing pushups until i couldn’t anymore then going to my knees and still keeping form doing as many as i could that way…

    I use the perfect pushup now and do the same thing, the perfect pushup seems to be a way better work out..

    Good luck. should be easy.

  5. Nat Post author


    Good tip, I will try that.

    I managed to do 46 yesterday, but I don’t think it was really a result of training over the course of 4 days as much as increased determination. I was shaking badly by the last one, so I definitely can’t do 60 without stopping. Hopefully your technique will help me get there.


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