Shot in the dark…

Does anyone know someone who is…

  • A poker player (not necessarily serious, but understands how to play)
  • Uses a Mac as their primary computer and plays poker on that computer as well
  • Is a writer who is looking for either full-time or freelance work

If so, please tell them to get in touch with me via


4 thoughts on “Shot in the dark…

  1. Nathan

    Not looking for writing work, but play a lot on my Macbook if you have questions you’re interested in?

  2. Worm75

    What kind of writing are you looking for? I play FTP on my buddies Macbook sometimes, not that I’m necessarily looking for work, but I’m curious.

  3. Michael Vu

    I’m a blogger and freelance journalist who writes for Poker Pro Magazine.

    My primary computer is a Macbook Pro and I play live and online poker regularly.

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