President-elect Obama

Those are good words.  I’m excited to see how Obama and the other Democrats handle their power in Washington.

I don’t usually inject politics, religion and other controversial subjects in my blog because it’s a situation where people have such strong opinions and very few people are willing to bend, so there’s really no point in even arguing about it.  It leads to nowhere except upsetting people.  That being said, here are the primary reasons that I’m happy a Republican (in this case, John McCain) is not going to be President for the next four years (yes, this is more about a dislike for Republicans than support for Obama):

  1. Much moreso than Democrats (I know, Steve Beshear, etc), Republicans are enemies of online poker.  Without Republicans leading the way, the UIGEA would not have happened.  In addition, strong supporters of the Republican party (right-wing Christians) are some of the most anti-online gaming voters, so I obviously can’t support people who want to tell me how to live my private life for bullshit morality reasons.
  2. I personally believe that George Bush was looking for reasons to invade Iraq, not ways to handle the situation peacefully.  The administration intentionally put Saddam Hussein in an impossible position and decided to invade based off of non-existent/sketchy intel that WMDs were present in Iraq.  And considering that WMDs exist in plenty of hostile countries, I’m not even sure that was a reason to invade.  The war is costing us thousands of lives, billions of dollars and it is making us look terrible in front of the entire world.  It’s an embarrassment.
  3. For all of the tough talk on terrorism, the Bush administration failed to catch Osama bin Laden.  It’s absurd that a military that spends billions, has thousands of troops and the most advanced weaponry in the world cannot catch a single person over the course of, approximately, seven years.  It also makes the US look like a bunch of bumbling idiots.
  4. I feel that the Bush administration is corrupt and has treated the US Treasury as their personal piggy bank over the course of their office.  Actions like giving out no-bid contracts to their buddies at Halliburton really make my blood boil.  It’s like the Bush administration felt like they were above the law.  Other examples of their extreme arrogance include scandals like the use of personal email servers to avoid the Presidential Records Act or even their treatment of unconvicted prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.  It’s absurd to me that they do things over and over that upset so many people, yet they always have an excuse or they manage to stonewall their way out of situation until people forget about it.  I basically feel like the Bush Administration was an online poker site — no accountability to anyone.
  5. Republicans, for years, have claimed they are the party of small government.  Why then has spending increased dramatically under the Republicans even in the face of growing national debt?  I support a small government.  I don’t want some of the socialist-style government features that Obama supports.  But the Republicans don’t do what they say!  If they proved themselves to be capable of reducing spending and making government smaller, then I would be much more likely to support their party.
  6. Obama seems to be much more tech-friendly.  I feel like he’ll do things to allow technology to improve our lives.  McCain barely knows how to turn on a computer.  Obama, on the other hand, made excellent use of Twitter, Facebook, the iPhone and many other platforms that didn’t even exist during the last Presidential Election (okay, fine, but Facebook was tiny compared to its size today).  I really hope he continues to make strides in those areas.
  7. McCain treated the VP pick like a 100% strategy move instead of thinking at least partially about what might happen if his VP pick ever actually became President.  I know it’s a campaign and that VP picks are partially about strategy and poll boosts, but no one in their right mind can possibly say that Palin is equipped to become President on a moment’s notice starting on Jan 21st, 2009.  And that was a very real possibility.  I felt like his pick was a slap in the face and made me think that he didn’t really care about what might happen to the country if Palin became President.  That made me trust John McCain less.
  8. All of the information that was revealed about the McCain campaign’s VP pick selection process made me not trust McCain’s judgment.  They made bad decision after bad decision.  Moves like the whole “suspending the campaign” thing to their obvious lack of research of Sarah Palin made me see John McCain as a stumbling and bumbling old guy.  Over the course of the campaign, Obama made so few mistakes and his whole operation just seemed like they were way better at making decisions.  I know that campaign strategy is different than foreign policy, but I guess I just feel like, if you had to pick between the two camps, Obama’s camp seemed significantly smarter.  I’d rather have smarter people in charge, for obvious reasons.  It didn’t help McCain that Bush’s administration was similarly retarded in a number of ways, so it seemed to me like we’d be re-electing the village idiots when we had some really smart people waiting to step in.

Anyway, I’m sure tons of people will disagree with me and/or find issue with my statements.  It’s politics.  These are just my personal feelings.  And, like I said, I hope Obama and Congress can deliver.  They certainly have the power to do so now.

5 thoughts on “President-elect Obama

  1. Jake

    I was hoping you’d have some political commentary so I came to your website. Thanks for not disappointing me.

    Rock on, brother.

  2. Christopher Campbell

    This is a very intelligent and succinctly written post with which I fully agree. And i’m not even American! Obama will make a big difference to how people perceive the USA.

  3. Jack

    And what do you think about this news?

    Office of Management and Budget (OMB) had received the final regulations of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) on October 21st. The regulations may be enacted before the end of the 2008 calendar year. The UIGEA was signed into law on Friday, October 13th, 2006 by outgoing U.S. President George W. Bush.

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